What are the lashes made out of?
The lashes are made from a synthetic polyester material.


How long will the lash extensions last?
If the proper aftercare is followed the lashes will remain full natural lash cycle of the lashes. The cycle is between 6 to 12 weeks so by this time your lash extensions will have come out but this will vary on different persons. LashPoint extensions can be worn on a continuous basis requiring maintenance every 3-4 weeks. Lashes can also be worn as a one off for a special occasion and can be left to fall out with the natural lashes or professionally removed by one of the LashPoint Specialists.

Do I need to tint my lashes?
It is not compulsory for you to have your lashes tinted because both the adhesive used and lashes that are applied in black, giving a dark finish to the lashes, however if your natural lashes are very pale it may be advisable to have a tint to help blend any fair lashes left without extensions and give a fuller look to the set. Tints should be carried out at least 24 hours before your appointment or they can affect the adhesive bond.

How long might the procedure take?
Our service usually takes approximately 2 hours for the initial set, this will include a full consultation to determine the look you wish to achieve. The infills takes up to 1.5 hours.

Does the procedure hurt?
No, it is completely pain free and so relaxing! You will be lying down with your eyes closed while we apply lashes to one natural lash at a time.


I wear contact lenses, will this be a problem?
Definitely not, we have many clients who wear contact lens, however we recommend removing your contact lenses before the procedure, they could be put straight back in afterwards.


Can anyone wear lash extensions?
The lash extensions can be applied only to a natural eyelash, therefore this treatment is not for someone who has partial or has completely lost their natural eyelashes.

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